Year 6 - Mrs Taylor at Loxley Primary School

Year 6 - Mrs Taylor

Welcome to Year 6, your final year at Loxley Primary School!
This is a very important year, one that requires hard work and determination in order for each and every one of you to achieve your personal best.
As a Year 6 you are the oldest pupils in school and with that comes responsibilities and privileges. You will all have a job role within school, we hope you take great pride in whatever role you may have.
Year 6 is hard work and through the year we will have to work together to help you aim high and achieve your best but Year 6 is not all about SATs.
Our study of The Ancient Greeks enables you to develop research skills and recreate some artwork from the time. Our learning about coastal locations is supported by our superb residential visit to Scarborough.

There are lots of other exciting opportunities such as trips and visits, enterprise events and sporting competitions, some of which are part of the transition links to your secondary school(s).
I hope you fully embrace being part of the Year 6 class and that you make your final year your most successful year. 
Mrs Taylor

 Loxley School Staff/Parent’s Communication Sheet


Parent Communication Sheet HT1 Y6 2020 2021