Year 5 - Mr Eaton at Loxley Primary School

Year 5 - Mr Eaton

Welcome to year 5!

We have lots of exciting learning happening this term.  Our main Geography topic is looking a rivers and water and in half term 2 we will be studying World War 2 in History.  Have a look at the communication letter to find out more details about other subjects this term.

As well as our normal in class learning this year, year 5 have the opportunity to learn to cook 4 new meals with help from our fantastic kitchen staff!  Also we will be taking part in a Christmas singing project and of course the children will be taking part in the annual year 5 and 6 autumn play.

 I’m looking forward to an exciting year of learning with the current year 5s and I hope you all are too!

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mr Eaton


Loxley School Staff/Parent’s Communication Sheets 
Parent Communication Sheet Half Term 1 Y5 2020 2021