Year 4 - Mr Eaton at Loxley Primary School

Year 4 - Mr Eaton

In Year 4 we are all looking forward to an exciting new start!

Our curriculum has lots of interesting opportunities from looking at the Mayans to global Geography to the history of the Sheffield Flood in 1864.  As Year 4 we are the only class which has swimming tuition every week, which begins from February onwards, and we also have the opportunity to learn the clarinet with a weekly lesson throughout the year.

There are lots of practical activities planned as well as visitors, excursions and even an overnight residential to Kingswood Peak Venture Centre, Penistone next summer term.

Mrs. Miller will be sharing her expertise in Art on a Monday afternoon, and later on in the year taking the class swimming, and in English we shall be reading some really superb children’s fiction beginning with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. One of our main tasks in Maths is to become really competent with multiplication tables and our maths homework will be based on this using the Times Tables Rockstars website.

You will always be welcome to visit our classroom and we hope that you will support us in making sure that this year will be a really successful one for everyone in Year 4.

Mr Eaton

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