School Uniform at Loxley Primary School

School Uniform


Sweat shirts, Cardigans and Polo shirts

Navy blue sweatshirts or cardigans should be worn with the embroidered school logo from our school uniform providers – Logo leisure wear or the My on-line service. Alternatively, a navy blue sweatshirt can be purchased from another provider and a sew on school badge can be used.

Red polo shirts should be worn with the embroidered school logo from our school uniform provider.  Alternatively, a red polo shirt can be purchased from another provider and a sew on school badge can be used.

Trousers, Skirts and Dresses

 All trousers, skirts and dresses (apart from gingham summer dresses) should be black or grey. Gingham summer dresses should be red and have the school logo. Please note that Gingham summer dresses and winter pinafore dresses are available from Logo Leisurewear with the logo already embroided on. Any shorts (not worn for PE) should be of the smart, tailored variety and should be of a reasonable length. Neither sports nor skin tight shorts should be worn. Skin tight, jeans (or jeans-look) or sports type shorts or trousers should not normally be worn unless there is a special request by the school to do so. Leggings should also not be worn unlesseither for outdoor PE or worn as an alternative to tights under dresses or skirts. Skirts should also be of a reasonable length.

 Shoes and Boots

 All school shoes and boots should be black. Boots can be ankle or calf length. Trainers can be worn but they should be black with no noticeable logos.  Decisions on whether the trainers are suitable for school will be at the headteacher’s discretion based on this policy. Platform, slipper style or high heeled shoes are not allowed. Closed toe shoes with a buckle or a strap are  permitted as are lace up or velcro fastening shoes. Sandals are also not permissible for health and safety reasons. All shoes and boots should be firm fitting.

Socks and Tights

 Any visible socks and tights should be black, blue, red, white or grey and should not be striped or patterned. Leggings can be worn under dresses/skirts as an alternative option to tights and also must be black, blue, red, white or grey and should not be striped or patterned.


All children should wear a coat in the winter months. Coats should be waterproof when rain is forecast and warm in the winter. Coats can be any colour or variety. Coats in school colours with the school logo are available from the school’s uniform supplier. These are optional.

PE Kit

All Children should wear a navy T-shirt with the school logo. Children should also wear black shorts and black pumps for indoor PE.

From Year 1, in the autumn and spring terms, children should have a pair of leggings or tracksuit/jogger bottoms provided by parents for outdoor PE. Black shorts should still be provided for indoor PE. Loose tracksuit type tops are now permissible but optional for outdoor PE (to be worn over school PE shirts) during these terms.

In Key Stage 2 (Years 3,4,5 & 6), children can have a pair of trainers for outdoor PE. 

Children should keep their PE kit in a draw string bag. These should be hard wearing e.g. not plastic.

This bag should be kept at school during every school day in case it is needed.


All jewellery is not allowed at school with the exception of watches (with no internet facility) and simple stud ear rings. We prefer children not to wear ear rings for school because they can cause health and safety issues and can get lost. We understand that children may need to wear ear rings in the weeks after their ears have been pierced and so recommend that if parents would like their child’s ears to be pierced that this is arranged early in the summer holidays. The Department for Education’s policy is that no jewellery is worn for PE therefore parents should provide tape for their child’s ears if ear rings cannot be removed.

General Appearance

A wide range and variety of hair styles are acceptable for school. Children should however, not have fringes which go below their eye brows unless tied back or have their hair dyed an unnatural colour. Children with long hair should wear it tied back or bring a bobble to school (to tie it back) for particular activities where loose hair may be impractical e.g. P.E. food technology etc. Hair accessories must be simple and follow the aims/principles of school uniform policy above.

Nail varnish should not be worn for school. We discourage make up and any make up worn should be subtle e.g. to cover up spots.


All clothes worn at school should be clearly labeled with the child’s name. We strongly recommend that sew on name tapes are used for these (iron on tapes often fall off and biro writing on labels fades.) We ask that parents attach name tags on to the inside of collars. In the case of shoes, names should be written on the inside of the tongue.

Religious Customs and Beliefs

We are happy to accommodate modifications to our school unform policy to enable children and their families to adhere to religious customs and beliefs. We ask that parents contact school first to discuss such modifications. The school will try to be as accommodating as possible but does reserve the right to decline certain requests on health and safety or educational grounds. We will always take advice and refer to DfE guidelines before declining any request.

A uniform order form can be found by clicking on the link below  

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