Sport / PE at Loxley Primary School

Sport / PE

Our Vision for PE

At Loxley School Physical Education (PE) and sporting provisions are at our core. A high-quality PE and sports programme are important for our pupils for several reasons,

  • By taking part in a wide range of sports our pupils are learning the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • We know that been active helps our pupils be ready to learn and pay better attention when they are in the classroom.
  • Regular Physical Activity (PA) is the best way to help fight against obesity. Its our aim that by the end of this academic year every child will be doing a minimum of 60 active minutes at school.
  • Fundamental motor skills are developed and improved on in PE lessons; they also help to build confidence not just on a sporting pitch but in a classroom as well.
  • Our pupils learn important lessons around accepting responsibility not just in their self-discipline but also in their development.
  • Our PE lessons and sports leader’s initiative helps to promote a wide range of opportunities for all pupils to be competitive, creative, cooperate with others and work well in teams.
  • The understanding of been honest, been a good sportsman, and dealing with both success and defeat both on and of the pitch is learnt and improved on in PE lessons.

Over the past few years we have spent a lot of our time increasing our PE and sporting provisions in school. We want to make sure that our PE and sports programme is offering all our pupils not only the opportunity to aim high and achieve their full potential in PE and sport, but also have an embedded love for lifelong participation.

How We Are Making Our Vision a Reality

At Loxley, we believe it is important for children to take part in a range of both competitive and non-competitive sports. Through competition and challenge we want pupils to be able to celebrate the occasions when they are successful, whilst realising that teamwork and fair play has a key role to play in not only the sporting world but also their own lives. For this to be achieved all children take part in 2 hours a week of PE lessons. As well as this, they are encouraged to take part in active sessions at lunch time through the use of: imaginative play, sport leader games or organised events run by outside sporting companies.

At least on a weekly basis, either in lunch times or after school, we aim to provide a sporting club which cater for key stage one and key stage two.

As well as these opportunities, Loxley take part in many festivals and competitions, which often take place out of school hours, against other schools in the local area. Taking part in festivals and competitions allows the children the chance to put skills learnt during lessons into practise and also gives them the opportunity to make links with other sporting clubs in the local area. Currently, we have made great links with our local Badminton Club, at Wisewood, and with the Sheffield Hatters at Goals for Basketball and with our local Gymnastics club at Wisewood.

We also believe that to make PE lessons enjoyable and to help us embed a love for lifelong participation it is important to get the pupils feedback. At the start of this year we asked our pupils to answer a questionnaire on their experiences within their PE lessons, if they do any extra-curricular activities and what they would like to do in the future. The results were extremely positive and showed off all the hard work we have done. Please click below for the results

Sporting Questionnaire 

How the Government are helping to develop PE?

To help support with the development and delivery of PE, the Department of Education and Department of Health have set up a funding programme known as ‘The PE and School Sports Grant’ (Sport Premium) Each year Primary Schools will receive a grant of £8,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil. This money is to be used to promote the development of PE during curriculum and after school hours. The report below gives an insight into how the funding has made a positive impact to Primary Schools. 

Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE & Sport Premium

To help make the correct decisions for our school we have chosen to continue working alongside the School Sports Partnership called LINKs. This company do what their name suggests and provides links with other local schools for competitions/ festivals, links with feeder Secondary Schools and finally links with local sporting communities. For more information about LINKS please visit

What have we chosen to spend the Schools Sport Premium on?

You can see a break down of what we have chosen to spend our sports premium on by looking at our Sports premium report. We update the document annual along side our action plan.

Sport & PE Premium Report

After School Clubs

The types of sports clubs we offer changes on a termly or half-termly basis so we can offer a range of activities which appeal to the different interests and ages of children at our school as well as link in with upcoming events.  So far this year we have been able to offer, Yoga, Football, Gymnastics, Dance, Running, Athletics and Netball clubs.

Sports Leaders and change for life champions.

Each year we spend our time training up our current Y6 pupils to be able to deliver activities alongside our sports coach at lunch time. The Sports leaders deliver a wide range of different activities from football and basketball to balance bikes and cheerleading.

 Over the past few years we have seen an increase in numbers of pupils been active at lunch time. It is our aim that with the help of our sports leaders to get every child active for 60 minutes a day.

In 2018 our Sports leaders won the Leadership crew of the year award for all the hard work they do within our school

Recent Sport Achievements.

It isn’t just our success at these events that show off our sporting ability, its how each child represents themselves as top class athletes, who push themselves to win but also show great team work, honesty, determination, passion, self belief and respect. Things that we believe at school show off our amazing sportsmanship.

In the autumn term we have had Lots of success within a wide range of activities, from cross country to netball.

Cross country – We have seen our highest number of pupils taking part in the SFSS Cross country events this year.  Well done to all our runners who turn up to every event no matter what the weather and put their heart in to every race. The results below are for the last race at Bradfield School.

Y3/4 Girls (out of 250 runners)

Kitty – 20th  Anna H – 110th  Gracie G – 117th

Y3/4 Boys – (out of 256 runners)

Liam R -35th  Freddie W – 39th  Sam W- 86th  Aiden E – 96th  Ben L – 118th  George T – 139th  Sam B – 164th

Y5/6 Girls (out of 250 runners)

Esther - 24th   Roxy D – 59th

Y5/6 Boys (out of 250 runners)

Elliott -35th   Oscar – 87th

Netball – This year is our first year to take part in the SFSS netball competitions. After only 4 weeks (4hours) of practise our girls stepped up to their first tournament. They was up against some tough competition from Sheffield high school for girls (SHS) Westway’s, Porto croft and Nethergreen. Some teams who have ben playing together for the past few years. Every member of the Loxley Arrow team brought their “A” game and played amazingly. The team finished 4th overall. Well done to Alyssa (Y6) Nieve (Y5) Isabella (Y6) Scarlett H (Y6) Beatrice (Y6) Lilia (Y5) Lucy S (Y6)  Lucy F (Y5) Skye (Y5) Lucy Fr (Y5) Scarlett B (Y5) and Elanor (Y5)  The results for the competition are below,

Loxley 0 v Westways 1

Loxley 1 v Porto croft 0

Loxley 1 v Nethergreen 1

Loxley 0 v SHS 3

Y3 Athletics – What a start to our athletics season! Our Year 3  team came First overall with some great performances form all the children involved. The children took part in a wide range of Athletic events and represented the school fantastically. All the children had a brilliant time.  Well done to, Riley, George, Aiden, Noah, Sam B, Ben, James, Anna, Isla, Isabelle and Violet.

A special mention to Isla who was overall top scorer for the event on the standing long jump, Noah who was overall top scorer for the seated throw and Aiden who was top scorer for the Target throw.

Y5/6 Athletics – 10 Girls and 10 boys from Year 5 and 6 took part in the Bradfield School cluster Sports Hall Athletics event. The children all completed 1 field event and 2 track events. They was up against tough competition from the other 4 schools. They fought hard and pushed themselves at every hurdle.  Coming out as over all champions and taking First place. Well done to everyone and good luck in the Links SSP Finals in December.

Past Sporting Achievements 

2018/19 School year

Y4 Hotshots Sheffield finals 2nd place

KS2 Boys Futsal Sheffield Finals 3rd place

KS2 Boys Futsal South Yorkshire Finals 4th Place

Year 5/6 Sheffield finals  1st place winners for the Advanced Gymnastics team

Year 5/6 Sheffield finals 1st place winners for the Foundation Gymnastics team 

Year 3/ 4 Sheffield finals 1st place winners for the Foundation Gymnastics team

Year 5/6 South Yorkshire finals 3rd place for the Foundation Gymnastics team

Year 3/ 4 South Yorkshire Champions for the Foundation Gymnastics team

KS2 Sheffield Schools badminton competition

-       Boys singles finalist

-       Boys doubles 2 semi- finalists

-       Girls singles semi finalist

-       Girls double semi finalist

Year 3 Benchball (Bradfield cluster) 1st place

Y5/6 Sports hall athletics (Bradfield cluster) 2nd place

School Games Gold Mark – For all the outstanding work we do in KS2 around sports and competitions

Sheffield Schools KS1 Gold Mark

Sheffield School Sports Crew of the year award

School Swimming Lessons

Each year our Y4 class undertake a block of 18 weekly swimming lessons at Hillsborough Leisure Centre. Of the current Y5's who undertook their lessons in 2019, 29 out of 30 pupils finished the course at national curriculum standard (swimming a distance of 25 meters or above)