Sport / PE at Loxley Primary School

Sport / PE

Our Vision for PE

Sport & PE Premium Report

Our vision for PE, at Loxley Primary School, is to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to take part in and show progression through a variety of different sporting activities according to their needs and abilities. We believe that sport is integral to all children’s growth and feel that it plays a key part in their spiritual, moral and cultural development.

How We Are Making Our Vision a Reality

At Loxley, we believe it is important for children to take part in a range of both competitive and non-competitive sports. Through competition and challenge we want pupils to be able to celebrate the occasions when they are successful, whilst realising that team work and fair play has a key role to play in not only the sporting world but also their own lives. For this to be achieved all children take part in 2 hours a week of PE lessons. As well as this, they are encouraged to take part in active sessions at lunch time through the use of: imaginative play, play-ground leader games or organised events run by outside sporting companies. At least on a weekly basis, after school, we always provide a sporting club which cater for key stage one and key stage two. As well as these opportunities, Loxley take part in many festivals and competitions, which often take place out of school hours, against other schools in the local area. Taking part in festivals and competitions allows the children the chance to put skills learnt during lessons into practise and also gives them the opportunity to make links with other sporting clubs in the local area. Currently, we have made great links with our local Badminton Club, at Wisewood, and with the Sheffield Hatters at Goals for Basketball.

How the Government are helping to develop PE?

To help support with the development and delivery of PE, the Department of Education and Department of Health have set up a funding programme known as ‘The PE and School Sports Grant’ (Sport Premium) Each year Primary Schools will receive a grant of £8,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil. This money is to be used to promote the development of PE during curriculum and after school hours. To help make the correct decisions for our school we have chosen to continue working alongside the School Sports Partnership called LINKs. This company do what their name suggests and provides links with other local schools for competitions/ festivals, links with feeder Secondary Schools and finally links with local sporting communities. For more information about LINKS please visit


What have we chosen to spend the Schools Sport Premium on?

So far we have spent £500 on the support from LINKs who have provided us with coaching support, CPD training, festival/ competitions dates and help with compiling a thorough PE action plan.

After analysing our action plan it was decided that teachers would like support in the delivery of Gymnastics and Outdoor Adventurous Activities. Therefore, we have used £1,690, of the sports premium to pay for a full terms worth of Gymnastics coaching and £1,110 for a full terms worth of OAA coaching (all classes will receive half a term’s worth of coaching during these times).

As well as this, the money has been spent on the cost of coach travel to sporting events and the replenishment of any PE equipment needed along with some after school clubs held by outside agencies. We are also spending £1000 for the year for expert badminton coaching held at Wisewood Sports Centre. This is done by Paralympic coach Richard Morris. The badminton sessions are run as part of the curriculum with the Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 children being involved. Finally, we have decided that we will use some of the Sports Premium on our annual Health Week where we will be able to make great connections with local sporting clubs.

After School Clubs

The types of sports clubs we offer changes on a termly or half-termly basis so we can offer a range of activities which appeal to the different interests and ages of children at our school.  

Recent Sport Achievements.

In February, 10 Girls and 10 Boys from Year 3/4 represented our school in an Indoor Athletics Festival at Ponds Forge Sports Centre. The children took part in a wide range of Athletic events and represented the school fantastically. All the children had a brilliant time and were able to beat their personal best scores as the day went on. A big well done to all the children involved.

In the Spring 1 term was have had some fantastic success with our Badminton teams. Firstly our Y5 Boys Badminton Team of Ieuan, Hanley, Rowen B, Oscar H, Felix and Oscar H (Y4) had an amazing event. Our pair team of Felix and Oscar (Y4) won the competition (First time a Loxley pairing has done so) They did this in a Loxley final against Rowen and Hanley.  Ieuan and Hanley also reached the semi-finals of the Singles competition but the Badminton success didn’t stop there. It was then time for our Y3/4 badminton team of Alyssa, Scarlett H, Lucy S, Erin, Lucas, William, Dominic and Oscar to step on the court. It was clear to see the outstanding performance each player was putting in to every match. The hard work and dedication paid of with the Loxley Team being the over all winners of the event. Well done to all the children involved and Good Luck to the Year 5 girls in their upcoming event.


We are off to a winning Term in Spring 2 with our Year 5/6 Girls taking part in the School Games Gymnastics Competition. During the event each person must perform a floor routine and a vault for 3 judges. The teams scores then get put together for an overall score of 200. The Foundation Team of Isabelle D, Isobel B, Poppy, Nyah, and Honey put in an outstanding performance and came out overall winners of their competition beating 10 other teams with a score of 154.2. This was a full 1.1 points above 2nd place. When the Advanced Team of Ava, Lilly A, Lola, Rebecca J, and Abigail B stepped on the mats you would be forgiven for thinking that they have been performing as a team for years. Their performance was brilliant and set the bar high for the other teams. The girls only lost points for minor parts of their routine scoring an amazing 155.2 and coming out in 1st place a full 2.3 points ahead of second place. A massive well done to all the girls and good luck in the South Yorkshire finals in March


School Swimming Lessons

Each year our Y4 class undertake a block of 18 weekly swimming lessons at Hillsborough Leisure Centre. Of the current Y5's who undertook their lessons in 2019, 29 out of 30 pupils finished the course at national curriculum standard (swimming a distance of 25 meters or above)